Friday, January 20, 2006

Islam Online: All Prophetic Teachings Lost Except for You-know-who

From an artile entitled "The Finality of Prophethood" in the "Shari`ah Corner" section of the site:
Not one of the earlier books (Torah, Psalms, Gospel, etc.,) exists today in its original text, and even the followers of these books confess that they do not possess the original books. The life stories of the earlier prophets have been so mixed up with fiction that an accurate and authentic account of their lives has become impossible. Their lives have become tales and legends, and no trustworthy record is a available anywhere. Not only have the records been lost and their precepts forgotten, but it cannot even be known with certainty when and where a certain prophet was born and bred, how he lived, and what code he gave to mankind. In fact, the real death of a prophet consists in the death of his teachings.

Judging the facts on this criterion, no one can deny that Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and his teachings are alive. His teachings stand uncorrupted and are incorruptible. The Qur’an—the book he brought to mankind—exists in its original text, without the slightest alteration of letter, syllable, jot, or title.
Interesting, no?


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