Saturday, May 20, 2006

Holes in the Blogroll

"Use of the riff only as an interlude between the vocal sections (which feature quite different parts) prevents it from becoming overly repetitive and creates excitement when it re-enters." --Wikipedia

[All resemblances between blogs mentioned in this song parody and real blogs
are purely coincidental. Aaron's CC is real, however.]

They all signed up with Blogger
Got a password and a by-line
To write posts about some Jew-stuff
If they were so inclined
A Chassid in a Streimel
Had the best blog around
Some well-known Rosh Yeshivah
Ordered him to shut down

Holes in the blogroll
Error 404
Holes in the blogroll . . .

I clicked the link for Ramblin' Yid
The page could not be found
Koach Line was plannin' to come back
But it did not rebound
Sometimes there's no new updates
But nothing gets erased
Bris Kid was outed by his Mom
It was a hopeless case

Holes in the blogroll
Error 404
Holes in the blogroll . . .

It ended up that the blogosphere
Seemed so empty, cold, and bare
But with the hampster dance gif thing back on line
We avoided despair . . .
We interrupt this nonsense
We're the Mahujadeen
You're time is runnin' out
Unless you make the Crescent scene

Allahu Akhbar
Death to you-know-who
Allahu Akhbar . . .

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