Sunday, May 28, 2006

Iran-Korea Friendship Week

Fron (North) Korea News:
A week event of Iran-Korea Friendship was held in Teheran from May 14 to 20. An opening ceremony was held on May 14.

On display at the venue of the opening ceremony were photos of President Kim Il Sung meeting and having talks with leader Seyed Ali Khamenei, photos of leader Kim Jong Il giving on-the-spot guidance to different fields, their famous works, books and photos showing proud achievements made by the Korean people.

Speakers at the ceremony said that the relations between Iran and the DPRK are special relations. The bilateral relations are boosted by the resistance of the two peoples against dominationists and plunderers, struggle slogans and action against dominationists of the world, indomitable spirit and objective to defend national dignity and independence to the end.
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