Thursday, May 25, 2006

IRIB: Hizbollah's "Glorious Victory"

This is also how they view the Gaza withdrawal:
The nation and government of Syria honored Wednesday the anniversary of the Lebanese popular Hizbollah party's glorious victory over the Zionist regime occupation army in southern Lebanon in May 25, 2000, Syrian Information Minister, Mohsen Bilal told IRIB.

Hezbollah backed by its own nation, Iran and Syria as well as the world's freedom-seeking people managed to force the Zionist regime, supported lavishly by Washington to escape the country, the minister noted.

Bilal praised Secretary General of Hizbollah, Sayed Hassan Nasrollah for his persistance in war with the Zionits regime and slammed Zionists for still holding Syria's Golan heights, Lebanon's Shebaa farms and the Palestinian territories.
It's funny: if we didn't have MEMRI, there would always be IRIB.

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