Saturday, May 06, 2006

Islamist leader sings from Mearsheimer and Walt songbook

From Islamic Republic News Agency:
Secretary General of Algerian Reform Movement Abdullah Jaballah said on Saturday that the Americans have become captives in the hands of Zionist lobby influencing Washington's foreign policy.

He told IRNA that US war against Iraq, its hostility towards Iran and Syria emanated from the influence of Zionist lobby over US administration and are against US national interest.

"US foreign policy is in service of Zionism and its logic is power and interest. It led the US to a situation that it only takes into account the interest of Israel in its interactions with other nations.

"Such a trend has inflicted heavy losses on US nation and administration," Algerian political leader said.

He said that the silence of American analysts vis-a-vis the influence of the Zionist lobby is due to the domination of the lobby over US media networks.

Jaballah hoped that the anti-war groups in Europe and US would encourage the US administration to free itself from Zionist lobby in its foreign policy.

He said that Islamic nations should exercise solidarity to neutralize the conspiracy of the Zionist lobby which is pitting Washington against the Muslim World.
More on Abdullah Jaballah. More conspiracy theories.

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