Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Linkim 5/23/06

Jewish Cube addresses a post "To Those Who Would Disparage My Secular Education."

Steyn on Bob Dylan's birthday.

Michelle Malkin illustrates "How Dems Store Their Bribes." (Actually from this blog.)

It's Jenin Week on Oprah!

Captain's Quarters examines "What The AP Discarded"

BTB has a long and informative post on H.R. 4681.

A Simple Jew offers "Recommendations From A Yid - Sifrey Chasidus."

Jonah Goldberg reviews "The Media's Imperfect Storm."

Divrei Chaim revisits "Skepticism and the j-blogosphere."

R. James Woolsey explains where Olmert's plan is leading.

Hamshachas Halinkim 5/24/06

Divrei Chaim fisks GH!

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