Monday, May 29, 2006

Linkim 5/29/06

Haveil Havalim 71 is up.

Steyn on the "Latino Jihad"

Jack lists "Things That Irritate Me About Bloggers"

NY's Funniest Rabbi administers a "J-Blogosphere Exam."

Cross-Currents tells what happens "When Anti-Semites Implode."

Joe Settler thanks Olmert.

Simply Jews descries "That blissful detachment" and also notes a "new philosphy" of "inter-gender communication."

Daled Amos presents "10 Links For Starting Off The Week."

Ezzie has a freshly minted round-up also.

Martin Kramer comments that Juan Cole "believes this fable."

Joschka Fischer, ex-member of the aptly-named "Putzgruppe," makes "The Case for Bargaining With Iran."

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