Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Linkim 5/9/06

Haveil Havalim 68 is up.

Martin Kramer calls this Waswhington Post editorial "grasping at straws." He also states that this post about Cole and Hitchens "sums it up."

Elder of Ziyon notes "Gibberish in the Yemen Times."

Soccer Dad explains "The international religious court."

JTA quotes the Israelicidal part of Ahmadinejad's recent epistle.

Captain's Quarters asks "Will Rage Undo The Democrats?"

On the Mainline has spawned another blog called "What's Bothering Artscroll?"

Ezzie also rounded up links today.

Islam Online explains "How to Help Fellow Palestinians."

The Forward publishes a eulogy, essentially, for Art Buchwald, who (I assume) is still with us.

Bob From Brockley notes a site called Postmodern Haircut, which features "The Adventures of Noam Chomsky."

Lileks on the Ahmadinejad letter. (h/t: Instapundit)

The Jewish Cube lists "Lessons I've Learned about Learning."

DovBear on the Rav

Treppinwitz offers a "A post with [very] limited appeal."

Or L'Goyim asks "Peres? As in Shimon Peres?!"

Mar Gavriel presents a silly summary of the Megillos.

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