Friday, May 12, 2006

The world trembles at the might of Songun!

You have probably guessed that this is going to be from (North) Korean News, but did you guess that the article is called "Weather Information Dissemination Room Opens"? I think not!
The Central Meteorological Institute under the Hydro-Meteorological Service of the DPRK started to operate a room for disseminating weather information through computers. It furnishes information on temperature and precipitation on the day, weekly maritime weather forecast and sand dust phenomenon. And it offers short-, middle- and long-term weather forecasts, and the average three-decade temperature, rainfall and sunshine ratio.

In particular, the room informs monthly and ten-day forecast of weather affecting the growth of crops and renders weather information including movement and altitude of clouds seen through satellite photograph to various sectors of the national economy.

Besides, it provides data on rare weather phenomena through multimedia "Collection of Korean Climate".

Through the room, one can read e-books and have consultation concerning the weather.
Let's see, a special room where one can use a computer to access information about the weather. Can anyone visit it? Is there just one for the whole country? Is there one for sports?

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