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IRNA: "the mankind are under the media onslaught"

Iran is very excited to be launching its new English satellite news channel, Press TV. According to Ahmadinejad, "The message of media is the same as that of prophets," and as an article at IRIB proclaims, "Honesty guarantees Press TV success." We are therefore pleased indeed, at the World Arrogance flagship blog (and also its principal satellite blog), to present a veritable feast of totalitarian blather--or as the IRI President says, "positive interactions at intellectual and logical scenes":
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Monday at opening ceremony of Iran's first 7-24 English news satellite television, Press TV, "Creating an atmosphere of positive interactions at intellectual and logical scenes is among the duties of this justice seeking media."

The president added, "The literature employed at justice seeking media is different from the one used at one that is after strengthening the pillars of hegemony, since the first one is the literature of loving the mankind, defending the oppressed, and safeguarding the nobility of humanity, while the second one is after looting the nations."

The president elaborated, "There are two reasons why we need to enter the scene today: firstly, because both us, and the mankind are under the media onslaught, and secondly, because due to our Islamic beliefs, we cannot remain indifferent to the fate of the mankind." Ahmadinejad pointed out that despite fake claims on free flow of information and respect for the personality of the individuals, the western media are moving in the opposite direction today, serving as a tool at the service of the world oppressor powers.
All I'm askin' is some "respect for the personality of the individuals" when I come home.
He set example as the Western media's role in paving the path for the occupation, and for stabilizing the status of the occupiers at the world scene.

President Ahmadinejad focusing on the beginning of Press TV's official media activities, said, "This media should be the standard bearer of peace, friendship, and lasting security in the world." According to IRNA Political Desk reporter, the IRI President added, "Our media should be fully free from all vices that have polluted the world."

Stressing that for us, the goals do not justify taking advantage of all possible means, he said, "This media should be a model for the rest and if its staff would act properly, the enthusiasts, and those who wish to enter this scene, would follow suit."
Al last the enthusiasts will have a proper role model.
The president added that all those wishing to launch media today take models from the Western press, trying to imitate even their anchors and reporters gestures and moves, but the Press TV can present a different model, of news dissemination, reporters' conduct, and anchor men's style.[...]
We should, of course, never forget that Iran leads the world progressive movement (whenever North Korea isn't leading it). Certainly Press TV will fulfill its progressive destiny:

IRNA: "President: 'Press TV' should be close to world oppressed people":
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the message of justice seeking media is 'Informing people', adding Press TV which is born here today should be beside the world oppressed people.

Speaking in the inauguration ceremony of satellite English language TV network "Press TV" which began its work here on Monday afternoon, President Ahmadinejad said, "The message of media is the same as that of prophets."

He went on, "All efforts should be directed so that borders between "truth and false", "selfishness and divinity", and "loving mankind and oppressing, threatening them" could be clearly in front of world people's eyes."
The borders have been hidden too long.
Ahmadinejad called such news dissemination as a "diligence and struggle" and said, "The TV which is born today should be beside to the world oppressed people."
Just walk "beside to the world oppressed people" and be their friend.
The president underlined "Disseminating correct and timely news, and presenting correct analyses and disclosing behind scene of the mankind's enemies propaganda networks are among new TV's basic duty."
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