Sunday, July 22, 2007

Linkim 7/22/07

Haveil Havalim 126 is up! Carnival of the Insanities is up! KCC 19 is up! JPix 12 is up!

Israel Matzav is buzzin'

The Daily Star: "Haleh Esfandiari, or the evil of an often impressive Iran" (Martin Kramer calls this the "Comical op-ed of the week.")

EOZ: "Teaching the 'Naqba' to Israeli Arabs - and Jews"

Robert Fisk ("I despise the internet") explains why "the bloggers are winning."

Hier and Cooper: LA Times "unconscionable"

Israel Perspectives on " A Non-Kosher Way to Think."

BTB: "Bad News Abounds"

Judeosphere has a good post on "Bad Medicine."

Jack asks "What Are Your Favorite Blog Names?"

SerandEz features a Slug-saga.

Kamangir reveals that it is illegal to convert to Islam in America!

Solomonia: "Hamas Leader's Shoes Stolen -- Fatah Blamed"

IraqPundit: "The Sworn Conspiracy" (h/t: Martin Kramer)

Steyn: "Look who's holding hostages again"

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