Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tehran Times explains why Iran is rationing gas

All the World Arrogance scoffers should be very ashamed of themselves. Now we see that it is perfectly reasonable of Iran to ration gas. Low gas prices were causing traffic congestion! Via Mehr News:
It may be asked why Iran, which has the second largest oil reserves in the world, has been forced to introduce a gasoline rationing system.

The answer is very simple: Iran was selling gasoline at a very low price and this had led to extravagant gasoline consumption, the waste of public funds, and many other problems such as choking air pollution and heavy traffic congestion.

When the government and parliament were reluctant to free up gasoline prices, fearing more inflation and public discontent, the only remaining option was to ration it.
Nothing causes public discontent like low gas prices.
Just a few days passed since the rationing was introduced, the majority of the citizens, especially in big cities, seem to be happy with the policy as there is less traffic congestion and less air pollution.

Now the money saved from importing gasoline, which stood at 5 billion dollars last year, must be used to develop an effective and modern public transportation system and end the artificial petrol prices at the earliest time and resolve inevitable problems which are already emerging from rationing.
Let's see, the money saved by gas rationing will help them solve the problems "already emerging from rationing." It all makes perfect sense.

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