Thursday, June 19, 2008

(North) Korean News: "Heightened Vigilance against Imperialists' Art of Disguise Called for"

Not Satire:
What is of special importance in intensifying the anti-imperialist struggle is not to interpret the imperialists' cunning art of disguise as a change in their nature but firmly adhere to the principle of independence against imperialism and direct the spearhead of attack to the imperialist reactionary forces.

Rodong Sinmun today stresses this in a signed article.

It goes on:

The imperialists are attaching great importance to their cunning art of disguise under the present situation where the world anti-imperialist independent forces have grown stronger than ever before whereas their strength has become drastically weaker.

The imperialists' talk that they stand for "human rights" and "democracy" of other countries and nations is nothing but sophism and their oft-repeated "co-existence" and "co-prosperity" are aimed at putting other countries under their control and colonizing them to force them to fall victim to their plunder and domination.

The "assistance", "cooperation" and "aid" on the lips of the imperialists are no more than leverage to create illusion about capitalism among people and deeply infiltrate into anti-imperialist independent countries politically, economically and ideologically and culturally and militarily in a bid to establish domination over them and intensify the plunder of those countries. They are, in a word, a lever for doing harm to other people under the pretence of friendship.

It is cunning double-dealing tactics for the imperialists to behave as a "mediator" and "guarantor" in settling disputes.

What they seek is not a solution to the disputes but the sowing of seeds of dispute and political, economic and military interference in the dispute-torn countries by taking advantage of it.

It is necessary to particularly guard against "peace" and "stability" much publicized by the imperialists.

Their reckless military moves on the Korean Peninsula clearly prove that they can never be "peace champions."

With no cunning art of disguise can the imperialists hide their black-hearted intention and criminal nature.
It is hard to believe that communists actually sound like this. It would be like meeting an Indian, I'm sorry Native American, who says "Me have heap big wampum in wigwam."

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