Sunday, June 22, 2008

Penitent Iranian Newspaper admits it "overstepped limits of freedom of expression"

Some governments are not so careful to prevent news reports which "disturb public opinion," but Iran seems to bask in government benevolence similar to that enjoyed by Canadians, who agree that free speech cannot "risk rupturing the common good".
Editorial Board of Tehran Emrouz daily on Sunday apologized to the government for what it said unfair criticism.

The daily subject to a ban admitted in a statement that it overstepped limits of freedom of expression.

The statement said that the daily has failed to observe moderate approach in dealing with the country's political affairs.

The Press Supervisory Board has banned 'Tehran Emrouz' newspaper for and revoked its license for lack of legal conditions.

Tehran's Public Prosecutor Office has summoned the banned daily's director for "publishing articles and images insulting to president".

It said that a special issue recently published by Tehran Emrouz on the occasion of the third year of president's term in office, was an "unprecedented insult" against him.

The office added that articles appeared in the special issue were examples of "defamation and publishing false reports to disturb public opinion".
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