Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ramzy Baroud and the Nuke Trope

Baroud's latest at Palestinian Chronicles contains an interesting example of what I call the "Nuke Trope." The "Nuke Trope" is a technique for avoiding or dismissing discussion of security threats against Israel by mentioning that Israel has nukes. In this case we are told that Israel is "saturated with nuclear arms." "Saturated"?
" . . . Bridget Johnson wrote in the Los Angeles Daily News, chastising the United Nations’ Human Rights Council for its condemnation of Israel’s siege on Gaza: "There was zero mention of Hamas' continued rocket attacks on Israel -- which preceded the cut-off of supplies that has caused such an uproar -- or Hamas' refusal to renounce violence against and attempted destruction of the Jewish state." The claims were preposterous – especially that of a small group’s 'attempted destruction' of a country saturated with nuclear arms." [...]

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