Sunday, June 01, 2008

"Traitor Lee Myung Bak and S. Korean Puppet Military Urged to Take Measure to Stop Scattering of Leaflets"

I bet you know what news agency this is from:
The head of the north side's delegation to the inter-Korean military working-level talks on Friday sent a notice to the puppet military taking a grave note of the fact that the Lee Myung Bak group set in motion the puppet military and right-wing anti-communist organizations in south Korea to resume all forms of scattering of leaflets against the DPRK.

Terming the above-said act a new intolerable provocative act of totally negating all the military agreements reached between both sides on implementing the historic June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration, the head of the north side's delegation in the notice pointed to its grave nature.

Its increased gravity lies in that such action taken by the Lee Myung Bak group, in particular, is part of the pro-Japanese sycophantic act, a treacherous act to put pressure upon fellow countrymen in collusion with the Japanese reactionaries, the sworn enemy of the Korean nation, who brought so towering grudge to the Korean people, the notice said, and went on:

The Japanese reactionaries would be well advised not to forget even a moment that the army and people of the DPRK are closely following their daily escalating anti-DPRK moves and Japan's archipelago is within the range of merciless strike by the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK.
They don't sound happy.

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