Thursday, June 26, 2008

Zionist witch dances in Palestinian blood: MPAC-UK reacts to the suggestion that we should remember Jews expelled from Arab countries

MPAC-UK provides an almost endless supply of blog-fodder for World Arrogance Imperialist blogs such as this one, and they aren't showing any signs of letting up:
Zionist witch, Lyn Julius, wrote a piece in the Comment is Free section of the Guardian where she bemoans a "Jewish Nakba" in Arab nations following the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians by the Zionists. Dancing in the blood of the Palestinians, Julius conveniently "forgets" that Jewish populations live today in Iran and Morocco. Egypt also has long had populations of Jews, Coptic Christians and Greek Orthodox. [...]
Is that supposed to suggest that Egypt still has a Jewish population of any significance? Don't you love those scare-quotes around the word "forgets"?
Indeed the Zio-fascist Israeli government even tried to induce Iranian Jews to live in Israel with financial inducements but to their credit, the Iranian Jews have refused to be manipulated. One can even find video footage of President Ahmadinejad of Iran embracing Jews. [...]
If that doesn't prove the eternal benevolence of Muslims towards Jews, then nothing will!

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