Thursday, July 10, 2008

MPAC-UK asks "Will The Zio-Powers Attack Iran?"

You know, the Zio-Powers. The United States and Israel, the Big and Little Satan. The article is from Arab American News, but the title is fine vintage MPAC:
[...] Common sense tells you that at a time when the United States is already neck-deep in two disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is not likely to open another front in Iran. Especially when it's doing so miserably on both fronts.

And particularly when the U.S. and world economies are in such a mess and oil prices are shooting sky high. Besides, there are less than six months before this born-again president leaves the White House.

This is why the idea of an attack on Iran seems so utterly absurd and downright stupid. This is totally illegal too, because according to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty – to which Iran is a signatory – every signatory state has a right to peaceful nuclear power. And uranium enrichment is part of this right.

Which is why even these sanctions – three rounds of them, which the E.U. and United States have imposed on Tehran – are illegal too. These sanctions have been inflicted on Iran despite the fact that it has taken every step of its nuclear program under the watchful eyes and cameras of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). [...]

Last time around when they came for Iraq despite opposition from the U.N. and endless protests in Western capitals, a deafening silence descended on the Arab and Muslim world.

There was not a single voice of protest in the so-called Arab and Muslim street. And their leaders persuaded themselves that perhaps the Baathist dictator after all deserved this disgraceful end. They told themselves, okay, Iraq is different. They convinced themselves this wouldn't happen again.

And now they are preparing to take out Iran. And they will come again and again to take out everyone who stands up for one's rights and refuses to surrender to big bullies . . .
The world arrogance and bullying powers?

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