Thursday, August 28, 2008

Al-Alam (Iran): "Poisoned Food, New Israeli Warfare"

As Barabbas says in Marlowe's Jew of Malta, "Sometimes I go about and poison wells":
Palestinian food markets are inundated with contaminated, poisoned food stuff exported via Israeli regime-controlled border crossings, Palestinian officials have warned.

Palestinian Authority officials told Al-Alam on Wednesday that the Israeli regime has border crossings under control and bars the PA from ensuring the safety of the imported food stuff.

Palestinian Authority Economy Minister Kamal al-Hossuneh said a large amount of poisoned food stuff have been discovered and confiscated in the West Bank.

The suppliers and distributors of the food stuff have been detained and will stand trail at the Supreme Court, Hossuneh said.

Palestinian Police Spokesman Brigadier Adnan al-Zamiri also said: "Dealers in the illegal Israeli settlements have imported the stuff to the Palestinian Territories for gaining money at the cost of Palestinian people's lives."

Zamiri also blasted the Israeli regime for hindering the Palestinian Authority from controlling the imported food stuff. [...]

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