Tuesday, December 02, 2008

MPAC-UK justifies the Mumbai massacre

The point of view from which this is written can't conceive that Muslims themselves have anything to do with the lack of democracy in Muslim countries or that Muslims are anything but victims in situations where Muslims are largely being killed by other Muslims. From this point of view, all Muslim death, suffering, and dysfunction is a Western crime. Not everyone who thinks like this is going to personally become a terrorist, and the author makes the usual disclaimers that Mumbai was a "terrible and tragic event," but communities that think like this are undoubtedly going to be fertile recruiting grounds for terrorism. Behold a large part of the problem:
[...] Thus Muslim young men are taking up terrorism in the face of state terrorism. It’s terrorism to fight terrorism; an evil reaction to an even more evil action.

Our analysis is sombre. It will not get better; it will get worse. ‘Global jihad’ is growing for many reasons, most of all because the governing elites will never change their barbaric policy towards the Muslims. This in turn will keep the anger burning and spreading, as young Muslims fear of the West turns to anger and a loss of fear.

The Media who are currently siding with the Governing elites too are playing more a propaganda role rather than being a truly free media. Thus neither their citizens nor most Muslims know why this is occurring. Keeping the masses ignorant and in fear seems to be the policy. No one in power wants to face up to the facts. Too much is at stake in the shadowy corridors of power to change direction now.

Of course young Muslim men have been given no other option or route to bring about the freedom of their people. Western, pro-Israeli foreign policy has ensured dictators rule them, starving their democracies. So there are two roads in the Muslim world for a young Muslim man who wants to stand up against the terrorism against his people – surrender (pre-occupy himself with pseudo-religious excuses) or fight. [...]
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