Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yemen Times: "Hamas has gone through a metamorphosis"

Yes, Hamas, you've come a long way, baby, since your terrorist days:
Anyone who has been watching the Palestine resistance of Hamas for some time now cannot help but appreciate the great transformation that the movement has become subjected to since Mr. Khalid Mash'al took the helms of authority. Unlike most Salafi oriented organizations one has heard of throughout the world, Hamas is sophisticated, enlightened, well-organized and apparently moving forward towards their desired goals of approaching some form of desirable settlement of the Palestine tragedy. Anyone who has the audacity to say that the Palestine problem is not a tragedy ought to be indoctrinated in the school of "Holocaust Mania". There they will teach one how to make the most of a terrible situation. Of course this is not by all means any endorsement of the horrific crimes of the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler, but rather to emphasize that what the Palestinian people have been subjected for close to a century now is by equal standards just as deplorable as the unforgivable crimes against humanity inflicted by the Nazi regime.

It goes without saying: the Palestinians definitely have a right to seek redress from the criminal Zionist regime that carried out and is still unabashedly carrying out all the massacres, evictions, imprisonment, torture, inhumane treatment and you name it and you will find it crime against humanity that exists within the Holy Land. Similarly, they have the right to seek redress from an international community (especially including their own Arab brethren, Moslem and Christian) for literally watching all the tragedies that are unfolding daily in Palestine as if they were just a soap opera running ad infinitum. It is with this logic then, that organizations like Fatah, Hamas, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and all the other Palestinian resentence movements definitely have the right to exist and the right to use any civilized methods to obtain their freedom from the horrendous occupation that they are subjected to in the sparse territory that still fragilely remains under their feet. It would be useless to see under their control, because the Palestinian population of the remaining Palestinian enclaves is under the perpetual siege of the most horrible occupation of all times headquartered in in Tel Aviv.

Coming back to Hamas then, one is understandable that the early days of the formation of this rapidly growing religious resistance movement may have been highlighted by the uncontrollable spontaneous reactions of fighting organized and systematic terror with seemingly chaotic, spontaneous spot displays of nervous terror like suicide attacks against restaurants or discotheques filled with drunken kids of parents who hailed from the former Jewish ghettos of Europe or spoiled Jewish kids from New York, who have just passed their Bar mitzvahs. Of course, this observer is not agreeing to this form of resistance. On the contrary, this observer has always suggested that Hamas would better get its act together and note that such tactics do not achieve any real strategic goals or worse do not even have the understanding and sympathy of even the strongest advocates for human rights and justice. Yet, one might ask: what about what the Palestinians went through, in terms of massacres, beginning from Deir Yassin to Sabra and Shatilla to Janin? Where not hundreds of innocent and unarmed Palestinians slaughtered mercilessly either by Zionist regular forces, paramilitary mobs of settlers or mercenary thugs of Lebanon and elsewhere, who forgot that they were killing their very own kind. To this day the Palestinians are undergoing suffering inflicted by illegal setters, who are filled with hatred and chauvinism of the West Bank and Gaza (now to a very small extent in the latter), except for the siege by the merciless Israeli Government. Yet even with all that behind them, Hamas has come to realize that this is indeed a formidable enemy that has come to wrest them of their God given right to live in peace as indigenous people of the land, which Zionist demagogues believe is their Divinely ordained real estate (without ever explaining to the world how the Lord Al-Mighty got into the real estate business in the first place?).

For the record, one must state that the successes of Hizb Allah have had a profound influence in shaping the current characteristics of the Islamic Resistance Movements of both Al-Jihad and Hamas. The sophistication and the finesse of the modus operandi of Hizb Allah has caused the latter two genuine resistance movements to shift their strategies from wanton almost irresponsible inflictions of senseless death to legitimate means of resistance targeting the very important elements that give the Zionist state its comfortable sense of security and well-being, including going after responsible world opinion towards realizing their goals of relief from a horrifying occupation and redress for all the past wrongs inflicted against their people. If Hamas, like the Jihad continue to carry on with this spirit of right versus wrong, good against evil, justice against oppression and outright thievery (which is really what Israel is all about), then for sure, the world will realize that they indeed have a strong case. Happy Anniversary, Brother Khalid and all the brave and gallant people that make up your remarkable organization with Al-Fatihah to the souls of Chairman Sheikh Ahmed Yassin of Hamas and Chairman Yasser Arafat of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestine Authority, both of whom gave their lives honorably for the liberation and freedom of their people.
Clad in the jumpsuit of resistance, Arafat bravely fought the Zionist microbes rampaging through his body . . .

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