Thursday, January 01, 2009

Required reading

I haven't been doing a great job of linking to other bloggers who are doing extensive coverage of the Gaza operation or round-ups. But if somehow you don't know yet . . .

Isreallycool and The Muqata have been live-blogging.

Jack and Meryl Yourish have done round-ups. (Update: Solomonia and Jack's Number 6)

Mere Rhetoric and EOZ have been excellent and essential, as usual.

Israel Matzav and My Right Word are two more essential Pro-Israel blogs.

Daled Amos is a great blog and a great portal to other Jewish blogs. Some of his posts (along with some of my posts, and all of Soccer Dad's own excellent posts, of course, many on the Gaza operation) can also be seen at Soccer Dad.

Update: Meryl Yourish and Jack 7.5

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