Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A bunch of platitudes about youth and some Israel bashing--it must be the Syrian press!

SANA, the official Syrian news agency is often just boring. Lately, however, their totalitarian blather has acquired some panache:
During the opening of the 5th Arab Forum on Tuesday, which is organized by the Revolutionary Youth Union, Member of the al-Baath Party Regional Leadership Shahnaz Fakoush stressed that youths are one of the main pillars for building the civilization and future of nations which seek to achieve development, bolster their national culture, and resist hegemony.
Did I miss the transition to the next paragraph?
Fakoush underlined the reasons that forced Israel to end the holocaust it committed in Gaza Strip, mainly the legendary resistance of the defenseless people of Gaza who confronted the brutal Israeli aggression with only their faith in the righteousness of their struggle.

She underlined the role of the resistance culture in foiling enemy plots, calling on Arab youth to adopt this culture and spread it among generations as it guarantees the Arab nation's just hopes.

Chairman of the Revolutionary Youth Union Dr. Adnan Arbash underlined the important role of youths in bolstering the values of the Arab society and preserving the Arab nation's cultural identity in the face of globalization and hegemony.
Just how youthful is Dr. Adnan, anyway? Why do I picture him as middle-aged?
Members of the participating delegations expressed pride in Syria's stances that support the Arab causes and aim at boosting their standing among peoples. They also praised the resilience of the people of Gaza in the face of the Israeli holocaust.

Later, the activities of the three-day forum kicked off, with the participation of 250 Arab youths.
Can't have an Arab Youth Forum without them.

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