Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kim attends another sycophantic performance

That "greatest national auspicious holiday in February" is Kim's birthday:
The art performance "Song of best wishes to the General" was given by agricultural workers at the Mangyongdae Farm on Tuesday on the occasion of the birthday of General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

The performance started with the ode and chorus "Glory to General Kim Jong Il."

Put on the stage were numbers representing the immense joy and best wishes of the agricultural workers and other people of the DPRK greeting the greatest national auspicious holiday in February.

The performers in such numbers as the female solo "Frost Flowers" and the Kayagum ensemble "Whenever We Think of the Road of Songun" sang high praises of the immortal exploits Kim Jong Il has performed by defending the dignity and sovereignty of the country and achieving the national prosperity for all the generations to come, holding aloft the red flag of the revolution associated with the whole life of President Kim Il Sung.

The Jangsaenap and song "Arirang of Army-People Unity," the solo play "Legend about Taehongdan," the mixed chorus "We Have Planted Apple Trees on Mountains," the drum-beating and song "Let's Dash Forward to Build a Great Prosperous and Powerful Nation" and other numbers fully reflected the changes brought about by servicepersons and people in the socialist rural areas through their concerted efforts under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il and the patriotic devotion of the agricultural workers.

The performance was appreciated by Chairman of the Central Committee of the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea Kang Chang Uk, officials concerned and agricultural workers.

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