Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Korean News explains Kim's greatness

You know all the reasons already, but it is nice to have them all in one place:
[...] Kim Jong Il is a peerlessly great man and distinguished statesman and strategist who adorned his nearly half century-long history of revolutionary leadership with an immortal heroic epic, the editorial says, and continues:

The glorious path of victory covered by the WPK reflects his energetic leadership. Every annual of the sacred Songun revolution that has emerged victorious generation after generation is shining with his extraordinary military wisdom and iron will. The history of the Republic characterized by the greatest successes made in the efforts to achieve eternal prosperity is also associated with his total dedication and tireless efforts.

He represents the destiny and future of our country and nation and a symbol of all victories. This is the unshakable faith our army and people enshrined through their life experiences.

He is not only a great guardian who has firmly protected the Republic's sovereign dignity with his iron will and pluck but a prominent leader who has ushered in the great heyday of the country's prosperity with his extraordinary patriotic zeal and a kind-hearted father of all the servicepersons and people as he has glorified the Republic as a country of single-minded unity with his noble virtues.

He has performed great feats to shine long in the history of the country by steering the WPK and the revolution for several decades.

The above-said nomination is an expression of absolute trust and ardent reverence for him enshrined by all the servicepersons in the course of their protracted historic struggle.

The DPRK will shed its rays as a socialist state of Juche with invincible might and a dignified and prosperous power as it is led by Kim Jong Il who is the most prominent statesman and the invincible and iron-willed commander in our era.
Nay, platinum-willed . . .

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