Thursday, February 26, 2009

PressTV (Iran): "Hollywood to make 30 anti-Iranian movies"

The only source for this information given in the article is "Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Hassan Qashqavi."
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Hassan Qashqavi, has said that Hollywood film makers have thirty anti-Iranian movies in the offing.

"Hollywood has thirty anti-Iranian movies in the offing with the subject of hostility towards Iran's historical and Islamic identity," Qashqavi told reporters at a weekly news conference in Tehran on Monday.

"The subject of making various movies has directly targeted not only Iran's religious and historical identity but also the country's social values including hospitality in an attempt to show hostility towards the Islamic Republic," he added.

"There are certain political objectives behind a number of movies under the pretext of creating art," he explained.

The controversial anti-Iranian Hollywood film '300', made by Zack Snyder, is an example of such films.[...]
So Hollywood is making 30 more? Seems hard to believe, unless you're MPAC-UK.

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