Saturday, February 07, 2009

Tehran Times: "Destroy a corporation for Palestine"

According to this article, "It’s time for some economic jihad." Via Mehr News:
. . . it’s not easy to be a jihadi. The struggle must be fought on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes. True jihad must be fought on all fronts. It must be waged on the cultural, military, intellectual, ideological, psychological, spiritual, and economic fronts.

But in this era of globalization, it is essential that Muslims learn how to correctly conduct economic jihad. [...]

There is currently a campaign calling for a boycott of Israeli products. This is a good idea, but we should expand the campaign and make it a boycott of all corporations that are financing the war on Islam.

Although it is important to target all enemy corporations, in order to achieve a quick initial victory, which would boost morale, we should especially target one giant multinational corporation.

We should first ask the executives of that corporation to stop financing the war on Islam. If they agree, we should take it off the boycott list. If they refuse, we should call for a worldwide boycott of the targeted corporation’s products with the goal of bankrupting the corporation.

The global economic crisis will help us. Many major corporations have gone bankrupt during the global economic meltdown of the past year.

This economic jihad is a novel way to turn the crisis into an opportunity.

A corporation from the U.S. military-industrial complex would be a very good target to begin with. [...]
Preferably one that sells weapons to Saudi Arabia.
Of course, the enemies of Islam will say that economic jihad is economic terrorism, but when that happens we must act swiftly on the ideological front to prove that such actions are totally legal. After all, people have been organizing economic boycotts for many years.

So, Muslim brothers and sisters, let us take up the struggle of economic jihad now. Destroy a corporation for Palestine.
Catchy slogan.

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