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Toben in Iranian Press: "Holocaust is being used as a propaganda weapon by the Talmudic Zionist racist regime in Israel"

Mehr News gives this the title "Zionism is empowered by people who bow to the Jews’ pressure: Toben." Although this is an interview with a visiting foreign "scholar," the two official Iranian press agencies credited with this interview obviously approve of every word. So this is a good example of the Khomeinist worldview in all its loony glory:
Dr. Gerald Fredrick Toben is a scholar who has conducted research into the details of the official story of the Holocaust.

Dr. Toben established the Adelaide Institute in Australia in 1994 as a center for conducting his research.

In an interview with the Tehran Times and the Mehr News Agency conducted on January 27 during his recent trip to Iran, Dr. Toben said there is no evidence that Jews were killed by gas in concentration camps during World War II.

He noted that a gas chamber expert from the United States has said that the buildings at concentration camps that were allegedly used as gas chambers did not have airtight seals and did not have high smokestacks to dissipate the poison gas so they could not have been used for this purpose.

Following are some excerpts of the interview:

"Yesterday we had a book launch in Tehran. The book directly focuses on the Holocaust and what is happening in Palestine, especially the 22 days of a real holocaust occurring to the Palestinians in Gaza.

"That was significant, that we had in Iran the focus and the bringing together of the Holocaust with what is happening to the Palestinians as perpetrated by the Zionist regime of Israel.

"That the 27th of January is marked as a Holocaust memorial day indicates that the Holocaust is being used as a propaganda weapon by the Talmudic Zionist racist regime in Israel.

"This means that we cannot forget that the story called the Holocaust must be questioned, that we must focus on the content of what the Holocaust is all about.

"And it rests on three pillars: one, that six million Jews were killed by the National Socialists during the Second World War; two, that this was a state policy, a state extermination program; and three, that the murder weapon was a gas.

"Revisionists have focused on these three pillars, as they should do in any democracy where there is free expression. But these revisionists would then be very quickly silenced, and there were a number of concepts used to silence discussion. And that brings us to the fundamental problem that was in part certainly addressed during the Holocaust conference in Tehran in December 2006 when the president, Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, asked: 'Is the holocaust not a historical event?' And the answer is yes. Then, like any historical event, why can we not ask questions? Why can we not evaluate?

"The conference was designed not to revise the Holocaust story, the narrative, but merely to review, and the Western world did not understand this, the subtlety of difference between review and revision.

"The so-called democratic Western world was in uproar that Iran did question or review aspects of this Holocaust narrative, this historical event.

"And that puts into sharp focus the morale and intellectual decline, the morale and intellectual bankruptcy of the Western world."

Pointing out that Zionism is empowered by the complicity of non-Jews, Dr. Toben said, "I am not angry about the Jews, I am angry about the people who bow to the Jews’ pressure."
And his sponsor regime is about to have nukes.

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