Sunday, March 15, 2009

MPAC-UK: "The latest victim of this racist abuse by Zionists within the media is the pre-planned attack on Inayat Bunglawala"

There isn't much comment here on the actual case or any explanation of what they mean by a "pre-planned attack," just a tour of sorts through some of MPAC-UK's boilerplate rhetoric:
The Muslim community today is rallying around its leaders as never before, despite the Media seeking to demonise and attack them. The propaganda war against the few Muslim leaders who are standing up for the Muslim community has stepped up a gear. Key figures are being hounded and psychological intimidation tactics are being used against those who have stood up to the government's foreign policy agenda. Zionists within the government and the media are manipulating these great British institutions to ensure they are compliant with their new agenda of breaking the back of Muslim groups who have stood up against Israel.

The latest victim of this racist abuse by Zionists within the media is the pre-planned attack on Inayat Bunglawala by the well known Islamaphobes within the Mail today. Their aim is to silence key figures within the Muslim community, using their influence within the press to intimidate government from engaging with them, and then isolate them within the Muslim community by using propaganda labels of ‘extremist’, etc.

New self proclaimed ‘moderate’ Muslim groups are being set up with a pro Israel slant. Muslim groups who silently refuse to discuss the issue and keep their members busy on minor rituals are promised funding and are free from intimidation. The less any group stands up to the Zionist lobby, the more they are free from censure – for now.

It is classic divide and conquer rule. First intimidate and break the groups and individuals who stand up to them and are the most vocal in their opposition. Then pacify those who would stand with them, by engaging with them and showing them they are free to practice without fear. Once the vanguards of defenders of the Ummah are destroyed, these weaker more cowardly leaders can be dealt with as they will, for the braver element has been destroyed. Classic tactics used when they pacified the leaders of India and Africa. In those days they didn’t just use the media to intimidate - they killed the braver leaders who resisted them.
I wonder what that refers to. So now "they," who would be the "Zionists" I guess, "just use the media to intimidate"? Drat, someone's been cultivating our moderates again!
Sadly we have too many leaders who are weak and cowardly; too many scholars who are knowledgeable (in certain matters) but have no understanding of the trap they are in or the new challenges the Ummah is facing; and too many young people willing to follow these scholars and pacify their own minds into a state of inactivity. Thus leaders like Inayat are left isolated without organised resistance on his behalf.

We ask all Muslim groups to speak up against this demonisation of our leaders and say – ‘we stand firm against this witch hunt of our leaders, and we will not allow our community to be attacked by organised Zionists who have an agenda for a foreign government that we should all stand up and oppose.’ [...]

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