Monday, October 19, 2009

Kim gives field guidance to Salmon

He urges them to swim upstream with the might of single-mindned unity:
General Secretary Kim Jong Il gave on-site guidance to the Salmon Breeding Institute.

He made the rounds of an artificial insemination room, a room for spawn growth, a laboratory, a feed processing room and other places of the institute to acquaint himself in detail with its construction and researches there.

After going round the interior and exterior of the neatly-built institute, he noted that the institute stands in a good place and has been well built as required by the new century. And he highly estimated the laudable feats performed by soldier-builders, expressing his great satisfaction over the fact that they have successfully built the modern fish breeding institute in a matter of one year.
Bright prospects for salmon youth:
Seeing the research processes equipped with ultra-modern facilities and shoals of young salmons in each breeding pond at the institute, he was very pleased to learn that its employees opened up a bright prospect of breeding salmon in a big way. He praised them for having done a lot of work.

The party members and other working people of the institute are front rankers in the drive for self-reliance and ardent patriots as they have created everything from nothing and devoted themselves to the development and prosperity of the country, he said, urging all other units to earnestly learn from their revolutionary and go-ahead work style. [...]
Now if the soldier-builders at the Hungnam Youth Cream Cheese Complex also make a great leap forward and if they smoke the salmon . . .

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