Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ma'an: "Fatah leaders call Mash'al a Judas who has 'lit sedition' in Palestine"

International Zionist Conspirator Goldstone has the Palestinians at each other's throats (diabolical laughter):
In a joint speech Senior PLO officials Mohammad Dahlan and Yasser Abed Rabbo railed against the recent words of Hamas leader in exile Khalid Mash'al, where Abed Rabbo called him the "Last Supper man" in an apparent reference to the biblical betrayer Judas.

The Tuesday speeches came a day after Mash'al spoke to supporters in Damascus, where he accused Fatah leader and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of betraying the Palestinain people for his government's actions around the Goldstone report, recently dropped from the UN Human Rights Council's agenda.

Abed Rabbo launched his attack on Hamas alongside Fatah leader Muhammad Dahlan at the Palestinian Information Center in Al-Bireh, outside Ramallah. The official used the phrase "Last Supper man" multiple times during his remarks, while Dahlan said "Mash’al has lit sedition again in Palestine."

"You can take supper in Damascus, lunch in Tahran, and breakfast in Qatar, yet we will not let our national cause out of our hands," Abed Rabbo said referring to Hamas leaders, and specifically Mash'al whose Sunday night speech was filmed in front of supporters dining in Damascus. [...]
More great new diabolical plots are afoot from the lads in the subcellar. Business is brisk.

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