Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fars News: "Hezbollah can destroy Israel in a matter of minutes"

Great news:
A senior Lebanese Hezbollah official underlined the group's growing power and firm grip on the security conditions in the confrontation against the Zionist regime, saying that Hezbollah can destroy Israel in a matter of minutes.

"Israel's throat is in our hands and we can choke it as much as we want," Hojjatoleslam Seyed Hashem Safiaddin said, and added, "We can destroy the region in five minutes if we want to."

"Of course, our power does not lie in our equipments and missiles, rather our power is divine and is rooted in our faith, and that is why we are so powerful that we threaten the enemy and do not feel even an iota of fear," he continued.

Safiaddin further stated that Hezbollah as a Shiite movement has acted so powerfully that large numbers of Sunni Muslims in different world countries, including Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and other countries, are embracing Shiism each day.

"Today, many Palestinians are embracing Shiism and when we ask them why, they say because the holy Quran says 'In fact Hezbollah (the Party of God) will come victorious'," he added.

Safiaddin said Hezbollah's growing power and its dominant position in the confrontation against Israel has deterred the Zionist regime from posing any more military threat to Lebanon.

Yet, he warned that the Zionist enemy has now shifted its efforts to soft war.

"Now enemy is disappointed with a physical war and strives to stand against Hezbollah through soft war," the senior Hezbollah official cautioned.
As another Fars headline informs us, "Mossad Teaching Latest Torturing Techniques to Bahraini Security Forces":
The Zionist regime's spy agency (Mossad) is teaching the worst torturing techniques and methods to the Bahraini security forces to help Manama suppress protests in the Persian Gulf country, a Bahraini activist revealed on Tuesday.

"Mossad agents have been teaching torturing methods to the forces of the Al-Khalifa regime," Sadeq al-Jamari told FNA on Tuesday, adding that all torturing methods used by the Mossad agents against the Palestinians are practiced by the Bahraini security forces on arrested protestors and kidnapped citizens.

He underscored the close relations between the Al-Khalifa regime and Israel, reminding that al-Khalifa has signed several security pacts with the Zionist regime.

Reiterating the Al-Khalifa regime's close and rather intimate ties with Tel Aviv, the activist pointed out that Bahraini Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al Khalifa meets Israeli rabbis and officials on a regular basis, and asked why Manama's ambassador to Washington is a Jewish woman. [...]
There is too much in Fars today about nefarious Zionist doings to post excerpts from everything. Another headline reads "Iran Cautions Regional Countries about Zionist Regime's Plots." See EOZ, and speaking of good stuff on Zionist conspiracies and resistance movements and so forth on other blogs, check out this as well, assuming that you are not in throes of Pesach cleaning.

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