Saturday, April 09, 2011

Now it's back to being a bomb

From the LA Times:
First it was believed to be a bomb, then it was dismissed as a freak industrial accident, and now authorities are again saying that the explosion last week near a Santa Monica synagogue was, most likely, deliberately planned.

Part of the confusion, authorities say, was connected to the device itself: An explosive layered under hundreds of pounds of concrete poured into a trash bin is not something bomb technicians typically encounter.

"This is clearly not a traditional type of explosive device," said FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller. "Clearly if it were, our investigators would have been able to identify it immediately."

Thursday's blast sent a 300-pound metal pipe encased in concrete crashing through the roof of a home next door to Chabad House on 17th Street, near Broadway. Authorities are now searching for a homeless man they believe to be connected to the explosion. [...]
The article goes on to say that the suspect "had been known to frequent Jewish centers in the area looking for charity." I don't know what the evidence is, but it is hard to believe that it was one of those guys.

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