Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SANA (Syria): "Military source: biased reports of dissension among army units baseless and untrue"

"Biased TV stations" are trying to "deviate sights off the fact of conspiracy that targets the resisting method of Syria"! We can't let it happen!
A military source on Wednesday announced the following…

A number of biased TV stations have lately persisted to broadcast news claiming the occurrence of dissension among army units in a bid to harm the reputation of the military institution and deviate sights off the fact of conspiracy that targets the resisting method of Syria as well as destabilizing its security.

"Disapproving that, we stress that what has been reported was baseless and untrue… that reflects the failure of the side which has marketed the untrue news… its failure in fulfilling its low objectives.... it is a media distortion aiming at falsifying facts to hit the structure of national body of the Syrian society in general and the military institution in particular," the source said.

It added "spreaders of such lies have forgotten that the Syrian Arab Army is a national army… throughout history, the Syrian Army was and still is a consolidated structure and close power in the face of challenges and conspiracies being hatched against our people and country."
As we also learn,"Lebanese agricultural organizations hold festival to show solidarity with Syria." And, of course, "Egyptian figures warn against conspiracy targeting Syria and the resistance." Those "Egyptian figures" turn out to be "The Egyptian Committee Against Colonialism and Zionism." Thugs, creeps, and goons sure hate the Zionist entity. And then there are all the articles about security force martyrs. So there you have it: all the news that's fit to SANAtize.

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