Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fars (Iran): Muslim Brotherhood figure affirms "necessity . . . to annihilate this cancerous tumor (Israel)"

The guy looks and sounds pretty carcinomic himself:
A senior member of the Egyptian al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun (Muslim Brotherhood) party said the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia are pressuring Cairo into giving up resumption of ties with Iran.

Speaking to FNA, former spokesman of Muslim Brotherhood Kamal al-Halbawi called on Iran and Egypt "to take the necessary steps" to get rid of such problems and hurdles placed by their opponents to impede resumption of their ties.

He reminded the friendly and age-old relations between Iranian and Egyptian nations, and called for faster diplomatic activities between the two sides.

"The Egyptian nation supports and welcomes Iran's anti-Zionist stance because the two nations view formation of the Zionist regime on the Palestinian territories as a brutal act and against the interests of the regional nations and Muslims," Halbawi noted.

"Both nations underline the necessity for Muslim nations to maintain solidarity and unity to annihilate this cancerous tumor (Israel)," he reiterated. [...]
Doesn't sound good. If only Juan Cole were here to explain what it means. (h/t: IMRA)

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