Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pals in PA-controlled area arrested for eating during Ramadan

This is a nice catch from EOZ. Here is what Google translate makes of the Arabic Palestine Press article (rendering the headline as "Three people arrested for voicing breakfast in Nablus"):
Police on Saturday arrested three persons for violating the sanctity of Ramadan and breakfast openly downtown Nablus.

According to a media and public relations in the police, he was arrested three people red-handed, was arrested on charges of publicly reversed fast, based on a connection from a citizen about a group of people eating and drinking cigarettes behind the vegetable market downtown.

For his part, warned the director of the police report Nablus Omar seeds of violating the sanctity of Ramadan, the profession, whether breakfast or other, pointing to the tightening of instructions on this issue, and anyone who violates the will of the same prison.
It seems obvious that enthusiasm for publicly enforcing Muslim observance is increasing among the Palestinians and in the Arab and Muslim world more generally. One-state solution proponents should take note in the unlikely event any of them think of Israeli Jews as having rights and legitimate interests.

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