Monday, August 22, 2011

Repost: "The Green Book Emancipates Humanity From its Bonds"

[Just a repost to mark the occasion of Gaddafi's downfall. The links have expired now, so this post is now a priceless historical archive. Original post here.]

That's the "theme" of "The First International Conference of the World Association of Supporters of the Green Book." The Green Book, you will recall, is just like Mao's Little Red Book except that it is green, written by Libya's Muammar al-Gaddafi, and easily five times as liberating. If humanity is going to get emancipated from its bonds, the least I can do is merge the first JANA article in this series with a few of its addenda and fix up the spacing a bit for your reading and emancipation pleasure:
The First International Conference of the World Association of Supporters of the Green Book kicked Off in Tripoli Sunday afternoon under the theme "The Green Book Emancipates Humanity From its Bonds".

The opening session was attended by a host of writers, professors and those interested in the thought of the Green Book from Libya and from Europe, Asia, North America, South America Australia and Africa.


The Secretary General of the Association saluted the Leader of the Revolution Muammar Gaddafi who initiated the world Third Universal Theory, the thought of the Green Book.

He said "in your name I salute the Leader of Gt al Fateh Revolution, the Philosopher, and the author of the Third Universal Theory whose thought ushered in the era of the peoples . . . the masses who have the power, wealth and arms.

"we have been honoured by his patronage of this event and call on him to participate in the proceedings of this conference.


The Secretary General of the Association expressed pride of the leader's speech before the UN General Assembly.

He pointed out that during this First International Conference a work plan will be set up for its members and branches worldwide and to get informed about its statute and the Green Charter which is the guideline of this Association in carrying out its functions.

He added: "During this conference, a future plan is to be worked out aiming at spreading the Third Universal Theory.

On the other hand, he underlined that this conference assumes the responsibility of establishing the most important scientific, intellectual and cultural association in modern time, namely International Association for the Supporters of the Green Book, in addition to establishing branches for this association in all continents and countries of the world.
Meaning that there will be continental branches in addition to the national ones, or that the continents will be included automatically once the national branches are all in place? No need to worry--we'll know soon enough (unless we're so busy being emancipated that we don't notice).

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