Monday, August 29, 2011

SANA (Syria): "National Activities Affirm That Syria Managed to Foil Conspiracy against It, Reject Suspicious Agendas"

Hmmm, the "Chairman of the General Sports Federation" is a General:
Damascus Sports and Social Club organized a gathering on Sunday during which participants affirmed that Syria managed to foil the conspiracy against it thanks to the awareness of its people and their adherence to national unity and independent decision-making and their rejection of foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs.

Head of the Journalists Syndicate Elias Murad said that the bond between the Syrian people and its leadership and their support of the Syrian army's mission had a decisive role in foiling the conspiracy, adding that the Syrian people's awareness and intellect foiled the media war waged by some Arab and foreign channels against Syria.

In turn, Chairman of the General Sports Federation Lt. Gen. Muaffaq Juma'a said that Syria is facing an attack targeting its national and pan-Arab stances, stressing the need to rally all the energies of society and adhere to national unity to foil all conspiracies and deal with coming challenges.

For her part, member of the al-Baath Party's Damascus Branch Leadership Amaal Ezzo said that the unity of the Syrian people will foil all plots aiming at destabilizing the country.

In turn, member of the Lebanese Marada Movement's politburo Vera Yamin denounced the conspiracy targeting Syria's stances, affirming that one of the reasons behind the vicious campaign against Syria is fear of carrying out reforms which is why they are being disrupted, adding that President Bashar al-Assad's credibility confounds those who are targeting Syria which is why they attempt to damage his credibility.

For her part, Lebanese journalist Ugarit Dandash said that the war against Syria is taking many forms including falsifying and inverting facts and fabricating news, with Arab and international satellite channels and newspapers dedicating themselves to attacking Syria and its stances, but the Syrian people understood the game and rallied behind its leadership, expressing great awareness of the risks and challenges facing it.

Syria's Kurds Affirm Commitment to Reform Process and Their Rejection of Suspicious Agendas

Participants in the "Syria is a Country for Everyone" seminar, held by the National Initiative of Syrian Kurds on Saturday evening in Aleppo, affirmed that Syria's Kurds are committed to their stance of supporting the comprehensive reform process under the leadership of President al-Assad, national unity, rejecting all suspicious agendas and plots against Syria.

In a statement, the participants said that these agendas and plots and their cheap tools in some opposition groups betting on foreign interference in Syria's affairs aim at inciting sedition and dividing Syria to undermine its stances that defend people's rights.

The statement lauded President al-Assad's statements regarding Syrian Kurds in his recent interview with the Syrian Seattleite Channel.
"Seattleite Channel"? I'm going to miss SANA. I believe its time ain't long.

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