Sunday, September 11, 2011

Angry Arab on "Zionist Plagiarism"

I wonder sometimes if the internet is not the ideal medium for Angry Arab. Maybe he would be happier standing on a street corner ranting at the passing cars?
This reminds me of "literature" coming out of Israel. I have never ever read a negative review of any book that comes out of Israel in the US press. I mean, never ever. If Amos Oz sneezes, the sneeze is reviewed favorably in the US press, and it is turned into a play on Broadway. Here is a headline in Haaretz and it is plagiarized from the headline of Le Monde after Sep. 11. I am sure that somebody in the US will now praise this headline and say that this is the most thoughtful sentiment ever expressed toward the US: it may soon be turned into...a play on Broadway.
He is talking about a headline that reads "On this 9/11 anniversary, we're all American." Wow, Ha'aretz really pulled a fast one there. Everyone is going to assume that's an original sentiment that was never voiced before . . .

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