Sunday, September 11, 2011

Israeli group plays "Jewish-Muslim metal" in Turkey

Reuters just wants us to know that every dark cloud has a metal lining:
Israeli heavy metal is rocking Turkey despite deep discord between the Jewish state and its Muslim former ally as hundreds of fans turned out to hear a group called Orphaned Land play a concert in Istanbul.

The group played to Turkish fans and others who came from countries across the Arab world on Saturday. Because the Israeli musicians can't enter many Arab states, they perform several times a year in Turkey, a hub for their fans. [...]

"I think that music has the power to enter your heart like a bullet ... Usually we judge, usually we stereotype ... I am Israeli, they were raised the whole time not to connect with me. I am the enemy, I'm the bad guy and music has the power to break (the cycle of hatred)," he told Reuters.

The group initiated a brand of music it called "Jewish-Muslim metal" that is derived from heavy metal. Many of the band's songs include prayer lyrics from Jewish liturgy, the Koran and other religious texts. [...]
Does that mean the words are intelligible? Or the CD comes with a lyric sheet?

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