Saturday, May 05, 2012

"Anglo-Zionist financial conspiracy" (Press TV-Iran)

More conspiracies than you can shake a stick at, courtesy of one "Peter Eyre - Middle East Consultant":
We are currently listening to the Bank of England chief Sir Mervyn King telling us that more should have been done to avert the current crisis!

Well, Mr. King you certainly hit the nail on the head considering that it was you that allowed our ex-PM Gordon Brown to empty the gold bullion out of the vaults of the Bank of England and send it over to the EU.

It is you Mr. King that knows all about the fraud in this country starting with our current Prime Minister, David Cameron, and its cancerous growth that has now spread amongst many senior MPs and Members of the House of Lords.

It is you Mr. King that represents the financial arm of the New World Order in Britain and you alone that allows trillions to slip in and out of this country utterly and totally unchecked.

What I find astonishing is the fact that this man has been with the Bank of England since 1990 and still has the audacity to keep saying we could have done more.

One would assume that with his knowledge base and his academic qualifications that this man would be capable of not only seeing pending collapses on the horizon but also have the ability to resolve such issues as and when they arrive.

Well, Mr. King lets just put you in the picture as to what is really happening in the world and what is happening here in the UK and why you are not doing anything about it!

Massive fraud and corruption is taking place each and everyday here in the UK and you know about it because you are part of the rot and continue to allow it to happen!

$15 trillion (equivalent to the total US debt), was transferred from the US Reserve Bank into the HSBC Bank in London and then passed on to the Royal Bank of Scotland. No one appears to know what happened to it after that but who cares. “What’s $15 trillion when shared amongst friends?”! I would also add that the total US debt is well above this amount and could be as high as three times that amount…and just to think 46 million Americans are living on US Food Coupons!

I am led to believe that another $6 trillion was given to Italy which as we all know is now under the rule of the New World Order (NWO)…otherwise known as the IMF!

What I find so frustrating is the arrogant open way that all the maggots from the NWO operate within government ranks, the banks and in the corporate sector. Gordon Bowden and I have named and shamed many of them in my previous articles with our dear Prime Minister David Cameron right up there with the best of them. However when you uncover a giant spiders web of fraud and corruption one must always try to find the spider and needless to say that spider is none other than the Rothschild’s…the big fat maggots that feed on the flesh of the British people.

One cannot put all the blame in one basket when you had such maggots as Alan Greenspan, Timothy Geithner, Ben Bernanke and the other pile of maggots called the Rothschild’s who added more fuel to the fire. Can you even imagine they were talking about moving 750,000 tonnes of gold bullion when only 1507 tonnes had only been mined at the time!

Am I getting through to you all and do you fully understand what this is all about?

Can’t you see how evil this NWO is and how they fund themselves by way of their many giant ponzi schemes that operate from the thousands of boiler rooms in almost every country in the world.

Let’s just step outside of this country for one moment and reflect on one such fraud: We all know that 9/11 was an inside job involving not only Mossad, the CIA and many people in high office but were you aware what was actually going on in the Pentagon just prior to it being hit with a cruise missile (not a Boeing)? [...] I took part in a radio debate on Monday morning at The Voice of Russia, 12 St James Square, London. The topic was “one year on after the death of Bin Laden” and the current state of Al Qaeda. The Panel was Dr. Christina Hellmich, from the University of Reading, Valentina Soria from the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies and two other guests that were outside of the studio, Lorenzo Vidino from Center for Security Studies, Zurich, Switzerland and Robert Crowley from the Risk Advisory Group.

After the initial introduction it came my turn to discuss this very controversial topic. I started by saying that Al Qaeda does not and has not ever existed and that it was all a part of the existing “Islamaphobia” to keep terrorism alive.

I thought at first that I was the thorn between two roses when it came to Christina and Valentina but it then became obvious I was listening to a sort of Zionist ideology on a ratio of 4 against 1 and that no matter what my opinion it was not going to draw any acknowledgement or acceptance from the other side, especially when I said that Bin Laden was not killed one year ago but actually died in the Military Hospital in Rawalpindi on or around the 14th of December 2001. I also went on to say that 9/11 and 7/7 were both inside jobs and also gave reference to the Madrid Train Bombing which allowed Lorenzo to go on the attack with the full support of the other three. However, having been put in a box time did not allow me to explain further on this all import issue and so I decided not to get into a slinging match and let it pass. [...]
And we'll let the rest of this article pass . . .

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