Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Pale of Blog-ment

You may have noticed that I only link to a small number of Jewish blogs. Why should that be? This *is* a Jewish blog. Part of the answer is that this a cheerfully ultra-Orthodox blog, and that happens to be something of a contradiction--unless you're a Lubavitcher (which I am). So there are just not that many other Jewish blogs that I feel a strong affinity for. You have all these defector/rebellion blogs by people who are out to bash their internet-scorning communities or ex-communities, blogs by modern orthodox Jews who are comfortable with the internet but who continually bash people like me, and a large number of blogs whose owners are only blogging in an intermittent desultory way and whose blogs are just not that well-written. After all, the Orthodox Jewish part of the Blogosphere is a subset of a subset (not just any blog and not just Jewish blogs, but Orthodox blogs). The blogs I have linked to so far are mainly examples of the sorts of blogs I just complained about, but entertaining nevertheless. I will probably never link to a blog from someone who has frei-ed all the way out, and I will certainly never link to a blog whose main purpose is Chabad-bashing. I will probably add more non-Orthodox Jewish blogs, as long as they simply represent an interesting perspective without too much Frum-bashing. And, of course, new blogs are appearing all the time.

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