Friday, September 05, 2008

Yvonne Ridley joins the Judeopundit team!

Yvonne Rdiley, famous Taliban kidnapee, Muslim convert, journalist, and now employee of a Khomeinist News agency, has, through the medium of my comments section, graciously submitted a guest-post of sorts, clearing up some issues which I blogged about recently:
You must have been sucking on a big, juicy lemon when you wrote this.

As a journalist, I did not get to Berlin until several days after the historic moment when the wall was breached.

And I see you're relying on a quote from the ubiquitous Gaza Activist - who doesn't wish to be named.

It was a quote invented by the author of the Ynet article, silly. Surely you're not falling for that old trick, are you?

The mission was never about delivering humanitarian aid - but there is a bit of a clue for you in our title Free Gaza Movement.

As my great aunt used to say dear, if you've got nothing good to say best say nothing. Quite.

Kind regards

Yvonne Ridley
And there you have it. Her unnamed and unverifiable great aunt certainly expressed an admirable precept although it seems a bit difficult to reconcile with Yvonne's remarks concerning my consumption of citrus fruits and, indeed, most of her recent journalistic output. Will she make further contributions to this blog? Heaven only knows. Quite.

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