Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When the Great Leader met the Supreme Leader

Oh, to have been there! I mean the original meeting, but these round-table talks were probably swell as well:
A photo exhibition, a film show and round-table talks were held at the Iran-Korea Friendship Magsal Agro-Stock Farm on May 19 to mark the 21st anniversary of President Kim Il Sung's meeting with Seyed Ali Khamenei, leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

On display in the venue of the events were photos showing the revolutionary histories of Kim Il Sung and General Secretary Kim Jong Il and their immortal exploits.

Attending the events were personages of the farm and the Islamic Revolutionary Proletarian Organization of Iran. Staff members of the DPRK embassy in Teheran were present on invitation.

The participants of the events looked round photos on display and watched a Korean film.

The manager of the farm said in a speech at the round-table talks that Kim Il Sung helped Iran both materially and morally when it was undergoing difficulties, thus greatly encouraging its people.

The Iranian people will always remember the immortal exploits performed by the President for the development of the friendly relations between Iran and the DPRK, he added.
I hate to bring everybody down after that exhilarating article, but the DPRK is not happy about this business with the torpedoed South Korean ship:
. . .the "story about the north's torpedo attack" is a whopping lie cooked up by the group of traitors to weather its crisis in a bid to kick off "north wind" and that the investigation into the cause of the sinking of the ship was not conducted on a scientific basis but unilaterally done to serve its purpose and it was not objective but was based on bias and arbitrariness. [...]

The group of traitors employed all control means, persistently brushing aside various conjectures and opinions not serving the purpose of the scenario worked out by it and threatening and blackmailing people in the whole period of investigation. [...]

The puppet group is working with bloodshot eyes to peddle story about "north wind" defying scientific evidence and objective procedures after cooking up such mean and clumsy charade in a bid to tide over the present crisis. [...]

All facts prove that the "story about the north's torpedo attack" is, indeed, a poor anti-DPRK farce orchestrated by the group of traitors to harm and stifle fellow countrymen and an undisguised burlesque for confrontation in a bid to realize its despicable ambition and black-hearted intention.

Its brigandish farce is a hideous crime to be recorded in the history of inter-Korean relations as it is an open negation and total rejection of the June 15 era of reunification.

The army and people of the DPRK are sharply watching the moves of the group of traitors, which seeks to stifle fellow countrymen while linking the cause of the sinking of the warship with the DPRK, and keeping themselves ready to take decisive counteractions.

If the south Korean puppet forces show any sign of the slightest provocation, political, military and economic, against the DPRK, backed by the U.S. imperialists, we will immediately react to them by the just tactics of wiping out one by one, eliminate all rubbish of the nation from the Korean Peninsula and build on it rich and powerful reunified Korea where all Koreans enjoy prosperity. [...]
Ah, so the South Koreans will get wiped out "one by one" and then live happily ever after in the bosom of the brilliant Songun Commander?

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