Monday, January 07, 2013

PressTV (Iran): "Zionists massacred Jews across the globe "

A link to this article uses the shorter title: "Zionists carried out Holocaust":
Zionists are not only blamed by many Jewish rabbis and the Jews themselves for the atrocities carried out against Jews in Europe in the Holocaust.

Zionist in Israel are also blamed for what is called a Holocaust that took place in what we know now as Israel, after the supposedly “Jewish” state and homeland for the Jews was established. [...]
This other "Holocaust" turns out to be Operation Magic Carpet (!), the rescue of the Jews of Yemen. The rest of the article is largely filled out with Neturei Karta material. "Dr. Anisa Abd el Fattah," the one who cobbled the article together, concludes:
These testimonies show clearly that there was never an intent to establish a religious “Jewish” homeland in Palestine for all Jews. There are also other facts that completely negate the false premises upon which Zionists have been allowed to illegally occupy and colonize Palestine, The world has likely been subjected to a very sophisticated, yet very sinister Zionist hoax.

When we count the cost of this hoax in lives, money, time and resources we get an idea of how serious the problem we are faced with really is. We should also ascertain from these facts that the present situation is no longer sustainable and that we are urgently in need of a solution that will result in the dismantlement of the Zionist political entity in Palestine. The UN must demand an investigation into the issue of persecution and Zionist Israeli Holocaust against the Jews of Yemen and Israel must be held accountable for this horrible and reprehensible crime. Many Yemeni children were kidnapped, adopted out to European families and even perhaps murdered, yet Israel has never been made to answer the charge of genocide against Yemen's Jews or to account for the missing children.
Another day, another dose of crazy propaganda.

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