Monday, March 10, 2014

"America world knows today engineered" (PressTV)

That headline should be read something like "The America that the world knows today was engineered." Here is an excerpt from one of the crazier blasts from Veterans Today to feature at PressTV, courtesy of Gordon Duff. The event that seems to prompt all this conspiracy theorizing is America's not taking Russia's side in the Ukraine:
[...] There is another question “out there.” Are Americans simply monsters, are they stupid, robotic, propagandized or something else? Why is America “unrecognizable?”

[...] It wasn’t until 1980, four years before the Orwellian prediction, that the program began in earnest with the publication of From Psyop to, Mind War, an operational outline of the plan by the military to use any means necessary to defeat the free will of the American people and eventually the world.

The authors, Major General Paul Vallely, champion of Zionism and the “Christian Taliban” and General Michael Aquino, Head of the Satanic Churches of America and accused mass child sex criminal are less the “strange bedfellows” that they may seem.

Today Vallely is seen with Al Qaeda in Syria or managing “issues” in Ukraine while directing the propaganda war against the Obama government. Aquino is a creature of the shadows, reputedly the real NSA chief, more commonly known as “Satan’s messenger on earth.”

As dedicated “Freudians,” Vallely and Aquino chose to target “the Id,” the primal recesses of the reptilian nature of humanity. The direction chosen, distrust of all institutions, the “hive mind” of the insect, collective fear and xenophobia, class envy, racial hatred, religious strife, resentment of intellectual accomplishment, driven by dark propaganda and, eventually, false flag terrorism, these are the tools that have made America “unrecognizable.”

What was initiated was a comprehensive program using both “active” and “passive” psychological warfare against the American people. Primary targeting was done through the media and public education. However, the most insidious aspects involved direct government manipulation of religion, both “conventional” and “occult,” and full penetration and control of not only secret societies but special interest groups like the American Legion and National Rifle Association.

The funding evidence for these “dark projects” has popped to the surface over the years with scientists unable to stop themselves from taking credit for “dark discoveries” which, from time to time, show up in prestigious journals. Dozens of “whistleblowers” have come forward as well. [...]

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