Tuesday, August 26, 2014

PressTV says Pals achieved lifting of blockade

The title is "Hezbollah praises Gaza resistance role in truce":
The Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah has praised the role of the Palestinian resistance in reaching a truce deal with the Israeli regime. On Tuesday, the movement issued a statement, saying the will, steadfastness, and persistence of the resistance brought about the Palestinians’ victory against the Israelis.

The Egyptian-brokered deal would not have been achieved without the resistance and that Palestinians’ victory would lead up to more triumphs, the statement read.

The Lebanese movement also voiced congratulations to Gazans and extolled efforts to reach a consensus on the terms of the ceasefire.

The truce, which took effect in the war-torn sliver at 19:00 local time (1600 GMT), will rid the territory of its seven-year-old blockade.

The truce stipulates the removal of Israeli blockade as well as the provision of a guarantee that Palestinian demands will be met.

Israeli warplanes and tanks started pounding the blockaded enclave in early July, inflicting heavy losses on the Palestinian land.

Almost 1,450 Palestinians, mostly civilians, including women, children and the elderly, were killed in 50 days of the Israeli onslaught on Gaza. Around 11,000 others were injured.

Tel Aviv says 69 Israelis have been killed in the conflict, but Hamas puts the number at more than 150.
More on the great victory here.

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