Sunday, July 11, 2010

Iranian State Media supports Holocaust deniers

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The next time I post one of those articles that appear frquently in the Iranian Press featuring some Iranian Jewish leader who declares that the Jews of Iran love Khomeinism and hate Israel, remember that the Iranian Press also prints stuff like this:
Gerd Hosnik, an Austrian historian which has questioned Holocaust will appear before a court by the next ten days.

According to Austrian News Agency (APA), public prosecutor's office has argued Hosnik's two new books as the case of 'crime'.

In 2009 Gerd Hosnik had been sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Hosnik has questioned the authenticity and dimensions of gas chambers and the killings of six million Jews during the World War II.
Wikipedia on Gerd Hosnik:
Gerd Honsik (born 10 October 1941 in Vienna) is an Austrian writer and lyric poet, and a prominent Holocaust denier. [1]. He is a nephew of former SS commander Amon Göth.

Honsik's activities have included being a functionary in the Austrian "Volksbewegung" ("People's Movement"), also known as "Volksbewegung gegen Überfremdung" ("People's Movement against Foreign Infiltration") and "Ausländer-Halt-Bewegung" ("No More Foreigners Movement"), as well as in Germany's far-right NPD party. He was the founder of a militia group, the Nationale Front, which according to its manifesto carried out activities to effect "the abolition of the system".

He has also appeared under the pseudonym "Gerhon Endsik", an anagram of the syllables of his name extended by two letters, intended to allude to the (politically charged) German term Endsieg ("final victory").
Iran's kind of guy--and they'll soon have nukes.

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