Saturday, January 08, 2011

Angry Arab makes sure I am never without blog-fodder

The New York Times recently reported on a scientific discovery with a relationship-angle. Women's tears may contain chemically encoded messages--something like that--read the article if you're interested. It is the sort of story that has an obvious appeal for readers. The source of the discovery happened to be an Israeli University, but I doubt that most readers took more than momentary notice, except for one reader--Angry Arab!
If there is any news relating to Israel--especially if it seems to editors to be favorable to the PR interests of the Zionist usurping entity--it gets prominent coverage. I will never forget how once in the obituary section of the Times there was a long glowing obituary of a certain chef: and the headline said: "worked in Israel." I kid you not. So there is this article today and then this: "“Chemical signaling is a form of language,” said one of the researchers, Dr. Noam Sobel, a professor of neurobiology at the Weizmann Institute in Israel. “Basically what we’ve found is the chemo-signaling word for ‘no’ — or at least ‘not now.’ ”" I have no doubt that this prominent coverage was due to the involvement of an Israeli occupying scientist. [...]
One of these days I need to make a collection of the various "Goodman's laws" I have formulated. Here is one of them: Extreme animosity is the functional equivalent of stupidity.

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