Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Islamic Jihad Vows to Retaliate Israeli Aggressions in Quds City with New Intifada" (Fars News-Iran)

Jerusalem has been the subject of a good deal of incitement lately. Here a PIJ spokesman vows a "new intifada" in response to supposed "agressions" against the al-Asqa mosque:
A senior member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement warned about the dire consequences of Israeli aggressions against the Quds city, and said that the Zionist regime's new wave of violence against the Palestinian residents of the occupied al-Quds has sparked a new Intifada (popular uprising).

"Current clashes in the occupied Quds city are the beginning of a popular Intifada against the occupiers," Foad al-Razam told FNA on Sunday, and urged the Muslim Ummah (worldwide Muslim community) to rise to save the al-Aqsa mosque from Israeli aggressions.

"The repeated attempts by the Zionists last week to attack the al-Aqsa mosque and its sacrilege will provoke the feelings of Muslims all over the world, specially the feelings of the Palestinian residents of the Holy Quds," he added.

His remarks came after the Palestinians' Friday prayers, when Israeli police clashed with Palestinians at the al-Aqsa Mosque, killing one protester and injuring at least 15 people.

Confrontations have been ongoing since dozens of Israelis entered the al-Aqsa compound, one of Islam's holiest shrines, and scuffled with the Palestinian worshippers last Sunday.

Since the occupation of the Quds city, Israel has been trying to change the identity of the city through different measures, including building illegal settlements for Israelis, eviction of Palestinians and demolition of their houses.

A senior Palestinian journalist had earlier in an article stressed that protecting the Al-Aqsa Mosque from fanatic Zionist Jews is a vital responsibility of every Muslim.

In an editorial in Al-Jazeerah website, Khalid Amayreh called on Muslims to protect Islam's holy places in the Holy Quds (Jerusalem).

"Attacking or destroying or burning the Islamic house of worship of 1400 years would spark off religious wars between Muslims and Jews, wars that would only end when the redeemer or Jewish Messiah appears," he said in the article.

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